Car insurance

Protect your lovely new shiny set of wheels with CommInsure and whichever policy you choose, you'll be covered anywhere in Australia.

Here are your cover options:

Comprehensive cover
This cover protects you against loss or damage to your vehicle caused by accidental collision or impact, fire, theft or attempted theft, storm, hail or flood, vandalism or malicious acts. It also provides you up to $20 million cover for damage to someone else's property caused by your vehicle.

Product benefits:

Policy Options:

Options available for a reduced premium
Options available at an additional premium

Third Party Property Damage, Fire and Theft
Protects you against loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft or attempted theft. It also provides you up to $20 million cover for damage to someone else's property caused by your vehicle.

Third Party Property Damage
If you're involved in an accident and it's your fault, this policy will cover you for up to $20 million for amounts you must legally pay to compensate for loss or damage to someone else's property caused by your vehicle.

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Income Protection insurance

Even dedicated workers sometimes can't work because of sickness or injury. With CommInsure's Income Protection, even when you can't go to work, you can still keep paying bills - like the car loan, your food and rent. Your superannuation has some income protection in it, but it is very limited. So if you're working and have bills to pay, it's an important option to consider.

Loan Protection insurance

Loan Protection can provide cover to help you meet your Commonwealth Bank loan commitments (whether for personal or investment purposes) should you die, become terminally ill, suffer a medical trauma, become disabled or unemployed. It also provides valuable ongoing cover once your loan ends. It's easy to apply - no medical examination is required and premiums are level, so they don't increase with age.

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Home insurance

Being burgled or having a burst pipe can cause loads of damage and is enough of a hassle. So CommInsure brings you a no-fuss, straightforward approach to insurance for your home and contents.

There are two types of packages available:

What's contents insurance for?

Contents means all your stuff, from furniture to clothes, jewellery, CDs, computers etc. Basically everything that's yours that isn't part of the building itself.

What's home insurance for?

If you buy a place of your own, this covers the bricks and mortar, fixtures and fittings and protects you from any damage to the building.

Get both home and contents and save

If you have both your home and contents insurance policies with CommInsure, you'll receive a 10% discount on the combined policies.

How much cover do I need?

CommInsure makes it easy to make sure you aren't underinsured. To work out just how much to insure yourself for, complete our Contents Insurance Calculator. To find out how much your insurance is likely to cost you, try our Home Insurance Quick Quote Calculator.

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Flexible excess

You can choose from a variety of excess options. If you opt for a larger excess, your premium will be reduced.

Excess explained
You'll notice that every insurance policy talks about the 'excess' on your premium, but what exactly is an excess and how can it get you cheaper insurance?

An excess is the amount you'd have to pay out of your own pocket on any claim you make.

Here's an example: John's claiming $500 for damaged carpets after a burst pipe and his policy excess is $100. So John will pay the first $100 and his policy will pay him the other $400.

Most policies have a basic excess - a minimum amount you'd have to pay on any claim. But you can usually opt for a bigger excess, meaning you'd pay more in the event of a claim, and save money on your policy. The bigger the excess you agree to pay, the cheaper your policy will be. This is called a 'voluntary excess'.

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Easy premium payments

We take the hassle out of paying for your insurance - and make it affordable, too. You can spread your insurance costs over a year by paying monthly. There's no extra charge for doing so and your monthly premiums can be automatically debited from your bank account or your credit card.

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A policy you can understand

You need to be able to understand your policy. So full details of cover are set out clearly in the Product Disclosure Statements, which you can see here or get hold of at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

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