With so much to save for, it pays to get the savings account that works for you. From a high earning online savings account, to an account that rewards you for being a good saver, or a good old-fashioned term deposit, it's all there. If you'd like to see all your options, read on.

NetBank Saver

Give your savings a fuel-injected boost with NetBank Saver, a flexible, high interest online savings account that makes it easier than ever to save.* It allows you to earn high interest with as little as $1!

Even better, there are no bank fees, no fixed terms and no limits on withdrawals. And to give your savings the biggest boost possible, interest is calculated daily on every dollar.

NetBank Saver is the perfect way to put some muscle on your savings and reach your goals sooner. Check it out:

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An AwardSaver account not only helps you save, but also rewards you for saving. Think of it as turbo-charging your savings.

Here's how it works. For each calendar month where you make at least one deposit and no withdrawals, you'll receive bonus interest on top of the standard interest rate.

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Term Deposits

Got more than $5,000 in savings? Don't need instant access to your money? Could you do with a bit of forced discipline? Then stick it in a Commonwealth Bank Term Deposit for a guaranteed fixed rate of return.

A term deposit is a competitive, low risk investment that is ideal for saving towards bigger things like a car or a deposit for a house. The interest rate is so good, you could even use your term deposit as a source of regular income.

With a Commonwealth Bank Term Deposit you can:

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